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Creative help for your business and personal imagery needs.

YOLO... composite image of child, tulip, and digital paint showing the carefree energy of a child.

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About Me

My Inspiration

Butterfly on cosmos crafted by Jacqueline Milner, photographer, on a sunny day in a field.

Love, family, real shared moments in time, our wonderous, natural world, and having fun.

My Style

jacqueline milner sketch, head shot sketch, graphite,

Loose, energetic, playful, yet sophisticated. 

My Medium

Jacqueline Milner, artist, photographer, illustrator, portrait,

Includes... photography, paint, beads, bones, charcoal, pastel, and graphite. The material used for each new venture, whether it be commercial imagery, portrait photography or a commissioned painting or illustration, is inspired by the project at hand.  

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